Vasil Velikov

Vasil Velikov has 10 years of professional software development experience. Having degrees in Computer science and Numerical mathematics, his passion lies in fields that combine mathematics, algorithms and software engineering – high performance scientific computing, numerical simulations, computer graphics. He has been a technical lead at PROS for a little more than one year.

Applying Computer Science Algorithms in Air Travel Industry

Day 3 - 29th Nov 10:30-12:20 Master Class Hall Advanced Vasil Velikov, Dafo Nachkov, Georgi Petrov

We’ll have a look at some Air Travel Industry problems and how we approach them with Computer Science knowledge.

Audience requirements: Attendees are expected to be proficient in C++ and to bring their own development setup (e.g. laptop + IDE). C++ 11, STL (gcc) will be used for the exercise.