Dafo Nachkov

Dafo is Director Product Development at PROS. With over 20 years in the software engineering field, 7 of which in the travel industry, Dafo manages the processes of designing, building, delivering, and maintaining versatile software solution to complex business problems, with long-term strategy in mind. He is interested in service-oriented architectures, big data processing, application scalability and efficiency.

Applying Computer Science Algorithms in Air Travel Industry

Day 3 - 29th Nov 10:30-12:20 Master Class Hall Advanced Dafo Nachkov, Georgi Petrov, Vasil Velikov

We’ll have a look at some Air Travel Industry problems and how we approach them with Computer Science knowledge.

Audience requirements: Attendees are expected to be proficient in C++ and to bring their own development setup (e.g. laptop + IDE). C++ 11, STL (gcc) will be used for the exercise.