Vladimir Shalamanov

Vlado is writing code for quite some time and still enjoys it a lot! He is a Senior Software engineer in REWE Digital and has 10+ years of experience in writing awesome java code and is yet curious for new learnings.

Domain-driven design, CQRS and Event sourcing

Day 2 - 28th Nov 15:20-16:10 Hall 3.1 #J2D Advanced Advanced Vladimir Shalamanov, Nikola Bogdanov

Self-organizing scrum teams are just not enough! As per the Agile Manifesto “The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.”, which is true. According the Conway’s law it is also true the opposite, every great team and working smooth is not possible without great architecture.

Microservices and practices like DDD, Event sourcing and CQRS are the answer of enabling the Agility. In REWE Digital we have learned a lot from these practices and we want to share the lessons learned, showing also some real examples, of course everything is Java based. The whole stack is super impressive, we use Spring boot, Apache Kafka and many more.