Vassil Momchev

As CTO of Ontotext Vassil maps all R&D plans to the long term vision of the company, prioritize them with respect to the business objectives and coordinate them with the different product owners. He supervises important architectural solution,  organize the DevOps processes and methodology, and develop and maintain the company’s Reference Architecture.

Vassil is equally experienced in product development, software architecture, text analytics, linked data, knowledge management, reasoning and large-scale databases.

For the past years at Ontotext, he has managed multiple teams, coordinated several EU funded research projects and has a few years as a board member behind his back.

Practical introduction to Java libraries and frameworks for AI

Day 2 - 28th Nov 13:30-14:20 Hall 8 #AIST Novice

The market hype in artificial intelligence (AI) is pushing more and more software vendors to introduce AI capabilities in their products and offered services. In this talk, I will share interesting technology use cases and my experience in developing intelligent solutions for some of the biggest enterprises. The presentation will cover the areas of natural language processing, knowledge bases, and machine learning. In each domain I will briefly describe the technology challenge, the existing Java software ecosystem with simple to understand code examples. You should join this session if you want to see the high-level landscape of AI technology, the relevant Java libraries and frameworks + simple to reuse code examples.