Nikolay Milovanov

Nikolay is a network freak and lazy software nerd ☺ Over the time he switched from networking and system engineering to software. How that has happened he does not really know. Topics like DevOps, SDN and cloud are a natural match for his interests.

Nikolay has a PhD from NBU in “IPv4 to IPv6 network transformation” and a specialization in Architectures for Software systems from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently Nikolay is getting a sabbatical from his full time assistant professor position @ NBU.

So he got enough free time to put together a hardware startup for consumption monitoring of water, gas and electricity – ThingsLog.


ThingsLog – Smartest way to monitor water, gas and electricity

Day 1 - 27th Nov 17:20-18:10 Hall 8 #AIST Novice

In this talk I will walk you over ThingsLog – a Bulgarian startup for consumption monitoring of water, gas and electricity.

The idea about the system has been build in 2013 when people has been burning themselves because of high electricity bills.

Now it has been put into production and everybody can order “Consumption monitoring as a service”.

In this lecture we will explain how does the system work, how we build it, how we put it on a field test and how we have put it in production.