Nikolay Angelov

Nikolay Angelov got into coding in early 2007 when he wrote his first mIRC script. He realized his love for coding and jumped into Web Programming. He continued to work in the field for 8 years and gained experience with various languages, for example, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. He then took a short break from programming to work on personal projects. A year ago, Nikolay re-discovered his passion for programming while taking a course about Blockchain. He is now a Blockchain Trainer and a Blockchain Developer. His passions are everything Blockchain, Solidity, C++, Vim and Blogging. Nikolay has a Personal Blog where you can read about topics that interest him:

Blockchain Disasters

Day 2 - 28th Nov 15:20-15:45 Hall 8 #AIST Advanced

In this talk we will cover all disasters that happened in the Blockchain world. Some of the attacks on the different networks and all the money stolen from different exchanges/websites/Smart Contracts.


Scaling the Blockchain: Lightning Network

Day 2 - 28th Nov 15:45-16:10 Hall 8 #AIST Advanced

Blockchain is having few problems and scaling is one of them. Currently the transaction throughput of Bitcoin is only 7 transactions per second and this is quite low. One of the current off-chain solutions or so called Layer 2 is the Lightning Network. In this talk we will see why we need the Lightning network and understand how it works with a simple story.