Mark Stephen Meadows

Meadows is an American author, inventor, artist and entrepreneur. With 18 years in AI, 22 in VR, and 7 years in blockchain he has designed and developed AI applications at some of the world’s top research labs (Xerox-PARC, SRI, Waag, and others). He has worked as a government-level consultant in both hemispheres, is the author of a half-dozen patents, and has written four books that examine technology and their social consequences. As founder / CEO of and co-founder / Trustee of, he leads the vision of the companies by inventing new methods of computer-human interaction, designing the hearts and minds of highly social software robots.

Ethical AI and Blockchain: A Democratic approach

Day 1 - 27th Nov 10:20-11:10 Main Hall #Influencers Novice

This presentation looks at conversational user interfaces (CUIs), how they will be coupled with blockchain and AI, and their impact on our near future. Popular CUIs are Alexa and Siri. As these systems collect more user data, which is used to train AI systems, we need to consider several key issues, including: trust – who is responsible for these bots; privacy – who has access to my data; and ethics – what is my data being used for? We look at solutions, why blockchain is needed to solve problems AI introduces, and ways to provide maximum value to all stakeholders.