Euan Finlay

Euan leads a team at the Financial Times, supporting Java & Go microservices, Docker containers in Kubernetes, and the website as a whole.

On the Ops-ier side of DevOps, he has occasionally admitted to being a sysadmin in public.

Don’t Panic! How to Cope Now You’re Responsible for Production

Day 1 - 27th Nov 15:20-16:10 Main Hall #Influencers Novice

More and more developers are expected to be on-call, provide out-of-hours support, and respond to production outages. If you don’t have much experience handling incidents, it can be scary, intimidating, and feel like being dropped in the deep end. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Over the last few years on the FT’s Content team, we’ve transformed our incident response – from a number of mildly terrifying multi-hour outages, to a stable platform where team members feel comfortable on-call.

This talk will provide practical tips and advice on:

  • setting up an incident response framework
  • what to do when Everything Is On Fire™
  • improving things afterwards
  • and some horror stories of our own…