Brian Vermeer

Brian is a Software Engineer at Blue4IT working consultancy based on all sorts of Java projects for the Top-100 companies in the Netherlands. He is passionate about Java, (Pure) Functional Programming and Cybersecurity. He is a regular conference speaker on events like JFall, JBCNConf, Oracle Code, Devoxx, JavaZone, JFokus and JavaOne. Besides being an engineer he is a Reservist at the Royal Netherlands Air Force and a Taekwondo Master.

Don’t be a Trojan

Day 2 - 28th Nov 09:30-10:20 Main Hall #Influencers Novice

Data is the new gold. Security problems and data leaks are getting more and more attention in the media. Privacy and integrity of your clients (personal) data is more than a hot topic. Are you as a developer prepared?! On the other hand, you could be part of the problem as well. So, how secure are you and how secure is your work.


Common mistakes made in Functional Java

Day 2 - 28th Nov 11:30-12:20 Hall 3.2 #J2D Novice Novice

In Java 8 functional style programming was introduced in Java. Java 9 extended this with some nice new features. For many people it is hard to grasp the idea of functional style programming after so many years of purely working in the imperative OOP style. The opportunities Java gives us out of the box are massive, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Brian points out common mistakes that are made when integrating functional style programming in your every day Java project and how to prevent this. This way you can write better, cleaner and more readable code. But even more important, you will be able to utilize the functional code constructions in Java 9 to it’s full potential… and maybe, you even start to like it.