Andy Gumbrecht

Andy Gumbrecht is an avid Apache TomEE member, developer and former evangelist at Tomitribe. Now working as a senior engineer at PhoenixContact AG, he is still an active contributor of Apache projects including OpenEJB/TomEE. Andy is a speaker at local Java Users Groups and conferences throughout Europe. He has been using in production environments and contributing to Apache OpenEJB/TomEE since 2009. You can find some of Andy’s technical postings at Andy has been fitting in tight code since getting a Sinclair ZX81 with a whopping 1k memory back in 1982

Testing Java Microservices

Day 1 - 27th Nov 18:10-19:00 Main Hall #Influencers Advanced

With traditional software unit tests, there’s never a guarantee that an application will actually function correctly in the production environment. And when you add microservices, remote resources that are accessible over a network, into the mix, testing is more tricky. To make things even harder, microservices typically need to collaborate with additional network-based microservices, making testing even more challenging. Moving to microservices implies a change in the mindset of developers, so will using old testing techniques with new architectures still work?

In this session, you’ll learn test strategies that solve the most common issues likely to be encountered when writing tests for a microservices architecture. We will look at how tools such as Arquillian, JUnit, Docker and techniques such as service virtualization, consumer-driven testing and testing in production with Istio can aid in accomplishing this task.